Portfolio Category: personal projects


Photographed with the Pentax 645z


Wondercon photographed with cinestill.

Marla Singer Selfies| Cosplay

Photographed at the Star Wars Convention. My Cosplay Marla Singer from fight club.  The tourist. Photographed on 35mm film

8 x 10 impossible project

Photographed with the 8×10 Camera, Using impossible projects version of the now extinct Polaroid.

Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove Beach, shot at sunrise, on the Hasselblad with black and white film

ZZYZX Road What’s at the end

Ever wondered what is at the end of zzyzx road?  Shot at Sunrise, on the Hasselblad with black and white film

Ink N Iron

Photography at the Queen Mary Ink N Iron festival

Personal | Comic Con

In my personal time I focus on self assignments, heavily film based, here is a sample of my latest project at Comic Con.  And Cosplay Marla Singer ( 1st rule… I can’t talk about it) […]

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