Studio Engagement Session

Why the Studio is the best “location” choice for your engagement session.

When you hear “studio”, you think “stuffy,” but NOT true.  Studio is elegant, classy and will remain timeless.  No need to complicate things by adding extra props like balloons, your initials, etc, which will seem dated in a few years.

1. Where should we go? Beach? Park? ugh, decision fatigue.  Yes, the beach is beautiful, but the engagement session is about the two of YOU, not the landscape.

2.  We can control the environment.  The studio is air conditioned.  . No unwanted photo bombers in the background. Bring on the dance music and glamour wind!

3. There is a wardrobe room for you to change outfits, and have a glass of wine!

4. There is access to more fun stuff, like my polaroid land camera and film in the fridge, making it a fun addition to the shoot. Here is an example in Cinestill film.

5. We have a variety of backdrops, and large windows in the front of the space for a softer look.


Lucy & Billy


Orange, CA